THE European Community

for Web3 Builders

Not For Grifters

We foster a collaborative, inclusive, and innovative community of the best web3 builders who are dedicated to advancing the decentralized web and empowering individuals and organizations to take control of their own digital identities and assets. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all of our activities, and will not tolerate fraudsters or grifters in our community.

Join our 620 Member Community

  • NFT grants access to membership area until 31/12/2023
  • Mint is open until June 30th
  • Price: 500 EUR (0 EUR for Allowlist)
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Token: ERC721
  • Contract: max. 1 Token per Wallet, Transfer to another wallet must be approved on Contract-Level

What Members Can Expect

Community platform only for members

We have monthly regular tables in all European cities. If you wanna lead a regular table in your city send us an email

Twice a year we are hosting an European regular table

We provide our members with important news and announcements via Telegram

Experts of the web3 industry share their insights, learning and best practices.

Some of Our Members

Anne Greul


Laura Geissler

Racing Driver Porsche

Daniel Kliche


Cornelia Weinzierl

Founder-Salus Labs

Jan Denecke

Co-Founder - Twelve X Twelve

Vladislav Lazarov

Global Head of Product - web3 & adidas CONFIRMED

Lucas Verra

Founder - POAP Studio

Vanessa Schaefer

Co-Founder - Female Pleasure Society

Julius Nagel

Investment Advisor - Picus Capital

Jürgen Alker

Head of NFT Studio - Highsnobiety

Annette Doms

Web3 Evangelistin - xcircle

Tim Walther

NFT & Metaverse - VW

Nikolas Schoneweg

Analyst - Crypto at HV Holtzbrinck Ventures

Isabell Welpe

Professor of Strategy and Organisation - TUM

Jonas Wenke

Principal - CommerzVentures

Aya Jaff

Founder - 1088plus

Katharina Gammel

Head of web3 Ops - OneFootball

Malte Rauch

Partnerships - Bright Moments DAO

Nikolas Schoneweg

Founder Meta Brew Society

Dominic Briggs

Co-Founder & General Partner Blockwall Capital

Alida Sun


Alexander Vaselek

CEO Cimedo

Our Partners

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About Us

Alphafounders is not an initiative of Bits & Pretzels. It is a personal initiative of Bernd & Andy, the two founders of Bits & Pretzels. In 2013 we founded Bits & Pretzels as a cozy Founders Weissbierfrühstück to support the Munich startup scene which didn't get much attention at that time. Bits & Pretzels grew fast, and today, the mission has expanded to strengthen the European startup ecosystem. We firmly believe that Web3 is a breakthrough technology that has the potential to disrupt today’s internet landscape. With Alphafounders, we aim to connect Web3 **builders** with all relevant stakeholders and interested parties to build a strong community.

The European Community for Web3 Builders. Not for grifters

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